Info on Hans and Feleice Freudenthal

Hans Freudenthal

Hans Freudenthal was a German Jewish math professor. In World War II he was removed from his position and hunted by the Nazis. He was saved and protected by the Netherlands underground. After the war he developed a math-based language (LINCOS) to communicate with extra terrestrial aliens. His book LINCOS was published in 1960. For several decades the SETI Institute sent LINCOS messages into outer space. This was mentioned in a major “Aliens” movie. He is remembered even now by the Hans Freudenthal Award given to a deserving female junior high math teacher.

Felice Freudenthal

Felice Freudenthal was Hans’s niece. She lived in Buffalo, New York.

In 1965 I enrolled in a Master’s of Operation Research program at the University of Buffalo. While there I shared a 3-bedroom apartment with 2 other guys. One Saturday night we threw a party and the guys invited several of their friends. One of the girls that came to that party was Felice. She and I quickly became very good friends. She told me about her uncle – and because I was a “math” guy she let me borrow Han’s book for ONE NIGHT. Her parents were adamant that I return it. I did. I really could not understand it.

Felice Freudenthal

Felice worked as a dental assistant during the day and when to school at night. As an employee she was given free dental services. When her Dentist first examined her teeth - he was “ Shocked !” He had never seen teeth like hers – they were PERFECT . He was going to a dental convention, so he asked her if he could make a mold of her teeth. She agreed, and he made 200 copies. He handed them out at the convention – all the dentists there were dumbfounded. They had never seen perfect teeth before.

Felice was not blessed with just perfect teeth. She was also blessed with perfectly proportioned figure. Lastly, but most importantly for the world, Felice was blessed with a Perfect Soul . Three days after I left Buffalo for the last time I received a letter from Felice. I sent her back a nice response. I loved her letter and saved it all these years. You can see it in the next slides!

Final Note

Unfortunately, in 1965 we did not have cell phones or emails.

It wasn’t planed or deliberate, but fate came along, and I guess that is life: I never saw or talked to Felice again -- but thought of her often.

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