Stories The Steal and The Shot

Created by Bill Silver

The Steal and The Shot

threw up a turn-around jumper. He made THE SHOT. Duke had finally beaten Kentucky, 104 to 103. The next weekend Duke beat Indiana and Virginia to win back-to-back National Championships – the first time since UCLA did it in1973.

Coach “K” called a time out. He called for the “Home Run” play. A desperation play, only used when there were a few seconds left on the clock. Duke had practiced this play several times, and they had used it in a game. But it didn’t work, they lost that game. It called for Grant Hill to make a long pass to Christian Laettner. Coach “K” asked Grant, “can you make the pass?” He said ‘Yes!” He asked Christian, “Can you make the shot?” He replied, “If he makes the pass I’ll catch it.” Christian thought to himself, “Don’t RUSH. You have a couple of seconds.”

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Grant made the pass. Christian caught the ball. He faked right, took one dribble left, and

The Steal and The Shot

It’s hard to describe the combined sounds of stunned silence and wild euphoria. The Palestra was buzzing. Like most people there we just sat in our seats for several minutes. Back at the hotel the lobby was buzzing – and the swag shop was mobbed. At breakfast the next morning we sat between two tables of Kentucky fans. We talked with them. They were sad, but they knew they had witnessed something amazing. I told Pam that since we were in Philadelphia we should not miss going to see the Liberty Bell. She agreed. We went to Independence Hall, home of Liberty Bell Center. It’s an interesting museum with lots of historic artifacts and documents. We both loved it!

Liberty Bell Center

On the drive home Pam explained her Quid Pro Quo. I got the Liberty Bell – she gets to shop in Manhattan. So, we diverted into the city. Pam shopped, I waited in the car. Twenty-Eight Years Later: As I sit writing this I realize that I remember so much about that weekend because I loved it so much. One of my lifetime Top Ten. Thanks Kid.  Pam got the nickname “The Kid” from her grandfather who loved Ted Williams

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