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Real Estate




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Atex (A Kodak Company) Director, Software Quality 1984 – 1987

Individual Contributor

1966 – 1971

Computer Corp. America VP, Customer Service 1987 – 1988

Honeywell Multics Sr. Systems Programmer 1971 – 1977

Prime Computer Unit & Program Manager 1977 – 1979

Quality Fractals Founder & Principal 1988 – 1994

Honeywell (Incoterm) Mgr., Advanced Development 1979 – 1980

Fidelity Investments VP, Enterprise-wide Testing 1994 – 1997

Prime Computer Director, Software Quality 1980 – 1984

Independent Consultant 1997 – 2007


Personal (a)


William Steven Silver

Name :

Contact Info:

Goes By: Family Calls Me:

Bill Willy – or - Weird Willy

Cell: 508-277-1000 Website:

North Dighton, Mass. August 11, 1943




Married (1970) One child (daughter)



License Plate: ANKH

Cape Cod Associates RE 571 Main Street Harwich Port, MA 02646


B.S. Mathematics Boston College, 1965


Medical Corpsman U.S. Army Reserves 1966-1972



Personal (b) My wife Doreen (a realtor with 35+ years experience) and I built our Cape Cod dream house on Bucks Pond in Harwich in 1981. Our daughter Pam enjoyed many summers at the “Cape House” and now has her own home on Cape Cod. I’ve been a full -time Harwich resident since 1997. I love lake-side living, the daily sunrise, and walking on the beautiful Cape Cod beaches, roads, and trails. My other interests include eclectic tastes in literature and the arts, observing the Cape’s ecology and wildlife, and almost all sports – including my favorite, UCONN women’s basketball. My professional career has morphed from being a high-tech software engineer/executive into being a high-tech real estate agent.



Real Estate (a)


Principles ➢ Clients are always my #1 priority. ➢ I will never pressure you. I will go as FAST or as SLOW as you want. If I think you NEED to go fast, I will tell you. ➢ I will never knowingly lie or mislead you. I will also never lie or mislead others for you. ➢ My goal for sellers is to sell your home at ➢ My goal for buyers is to help you buy the “optimum” house for you, and at the lowest possible price. ➢ I will always try to make the real estate process as easy for you as I can – and have fun doing it. the highest price possible – and in a timeframe that meets your goals.

Intro I’ve been involved in the real estate sales process (helping my wife) for more than 25 years. I obtained my own real estate license and joined a Cape Cod real estate company in 2005 . For the last several years I have been happily affiliated with Cape Cod Associates Real Estate in Harwich Port. Since 2005 I helped many buyers and sellers meet their real estate goals. I’ve sold properties that sold for $95K to $5.3M. I always treat my clients based on the following Principles.


Real Estate (b)


Key Client Services ➢ Custom Cape Cod Market Reports ➢ Buyer Tour Packages: Schedule, Maps, House Data, etc. ➢ Unique Pricing Model – Self-Validating Works on SOLD and ACTIVE Comps ➢ Dedicated Listing Webpages – Much more info than available on MLS or Zillow, etc. ➢ Virtual Showing Videos – Buyers learn more than from a live showing. The goal is to get offers even without live showings. ➢ Social Media Exposure: Email : 9,910 & Growing

Affiliations Cape Cod & Islands Association of Realtors CC&IAR Mass. Association of Realtors MAR National Association of Realtors NAR Cape Cod & Islands MLS Pinergy aka MLS-PIN Key Designations Certified Real Estate Negotiator Certified Buyer Agent

FaceBook : 4,900 - Maxed Out LinkedIn : 18,200 & Growing



Speaking (a)


Original Seminars and Tutorials

Overview I was invited to speak at several software quality, support, and testing conferences. I spoke many times at almost all the major test conferences – in multiple cities. These talks included: general sessions, track sessions, full and half-day tutorials, and 2-3-day seminars. I was also a regular speaker at several local software quality associations.

Total Optimum QUALITY

Software Test Capability Assessment and Strategic Plan Workshop

Automating the Software Testing Life Cycle

Software Metrics

Test Design Trees

Black-box Test Coverage

High-Satisfaction Software Support

Product and Process Teams

5-Time Planning Process


Speaking (b)


Conferences: Applications of Software Measurement BOSCON (ASQ)

Local SQA Groups:

ACM SigSoft (Boston Chapter)

Bay Area QAI Group (San Francisco) * Greater Boston SPIN *

Etnoteam Software Quality Conference (Milan) Etnoteam Software Test Design Seminar (Milan) Function Point User Group International Test Conference Quality Assurance Forum (Gatwick, U.K.) Quality Assurance Institute Management Conference * Quality Assurance Institute Test Conference * Quality Week Conference STAR Quality Conference {SQE} * Software Support Conference {Massie Institute} U.S. Embassy Quality Conference (London)

Hartford Area QAI Group

Montreal SQA Group New England SQA Forum * Software Quality Group of New England * * Spoke multiple times at these events.


Telecommuter – 1971



Honeywell (Multics)

Today, with social distancing, the trend to work from home is growing fast. I was by no means the first to be a Telecommuter and work from home – but maybe one of the first 200-300 worldwide. I had a “computer” (Model 37 Teletype) in my house, connected to the ARPANET over hard wired telephone lines. This allowed me to send and receive emails with co-workers all over the country, and to share files on the Multics cloud-base file system (likely the most secure ever). My typical day was to start work from home in the morning, then go to the office from 10 – 3 and then work at home in the afternoon and evening and weekends.

Model 37 Teletype Advanced Features: ❖ Prints 15 Characters / Sec. ❖ Upper and Lower Case ❖ Black and Red Ink ❖ Weight: Only 100+ pounds


Innovation (a) – Quality


5-Time Planning Model An Axiomatic Planning Model for high-accuracy plans.

Total Optimum Quality A unique TQM method for all levels of a company. Based on: Classic Quality Principles New Sciences Principles of Optimization Implemented using four concurrent action cycles: 1. Process Point Cycle : Parallel Life Cycles and Universal Process Enablers

Should be used for any type of engineering project including home construction and renovation

Process Cinemazation

Low-tech ( Movies ) and high-tech ( Object-Oriented Analysis ) combined into one methodology for Process Definition & Re-Engineering

2.Leadership Cycle : Fractal Values, Mission ...

3.Performance Metrics Cycle : Continuous measurement of results — Metric Sets 4.Optimization Cycle : Continuous assessment and improvement of practices and capabilities


Innovation (b) – Testing


High-Coverage Software Test Design Methods Test Design Trees Black-box Test Coverage Metrics A Taxonomy for Black-box Test Techniques Total Optimum Software Test Capability Assessment Implemented for Software Testing Based on Practices — not just Process

Software Professional Associations: (No longer active) ACM ASQ (Software Division) IEEE

Action Item Prioritization Optimized via Metrics Sets

Quality Assurance Institute Software Quality Group of New England

High-Satisfaction Software Support Turns the typical software support organization Upside Down to achieve high-speed problem resolution. Helped win an ADAPSO award. Down Upside


Individual Contributor (a)


Key Accomplishments

Systems Programmer

✓ Developed Unit Test programs for IBM OS 360 SVC calls ✓ Developed COBOL applications for an insurance company and an aerospace company ✓ Converted an automobile manufacturing Bill-of-Materials APP from AUTOCODER to PL/I ✓ Developed an airline scheduling model in FORTRAN ✓ Developed IBM TSS Command Processor programs in BAL ✓ Developed real-time, data-driven CPU diagnostics for the U.S. Navy's Deep Submergence 23-bit, on-board computer

1966 – 1971 Columbia Computer

Peat, Marwick, Livingston

Computer Usage Corporation

“Programming The IBM 360” This book was published by Columbia Computer. I read it to prepare for an assignment at IBM. I found 20+ major errors in the book. The company withdrew the book.


Individual Contributor (b)


Key Accomplishments ✓ I was a member of a five-person architecture team that designed a virtual-memory operating system for a new RCA computer with a Multics architecture and the IBM 360 instruction set. ✓ Designed enhanced spelling, hyphenation and text formatting algorithms.

RCA Systems Architect Maynard

RCA was a computer manufacturer until 1971.

Honeywell (Multics) (a)



Multics special features included :

Senior Systems Programmer Cambridge 1971 – 1977

❖ Multi-processing

❖ Cloud-based file system

❖ Multi-site networking (ARPANET)

Multics was the direct descendant of the first time-sharing OS.

❖ Passwords : Invented for Multics and the first system to have and use them

UNIX was the child of Multics A single-user, stripped down Multics

❖ Email

❖ Customizable UI

❖ Direct-access virtual memory

❖ Dynamic linking

❖ Object-oriented

❖ Hardware Security Rings

❖ Implemented (95%) in PL/I

Honeywell (Multics) (b)



Key Accomplishments

✓ Created and led the development of the Multics WORDPRO (Office Automation) product — including development and delivery of sales presentations. This resulted in the sale of a $2 M Multics system to the U.S. White House. ✓ Designed and coordinated the development of enhanced spelling, hyphenation and text formatting algorithms. ✓ Designed and implemented an automated, data-driven suite of CPU instruction set diagnostics.

✓ Designed and implemented a new, general-purpose tape I/O driver, as well as disk drivers. ✓ Designed a unique, generalized, name space-management search facility — implemented after I left the Multics project.

✓ Wrote the BOSS (BIOS) code to drive a new system console.

✓ Was the “technical” liaison to the corporate Multics Marketing group. This involved participating in sales calls and making presentations at conferences.


Prime Computer


Program Manager Framingham 1977 – 1979

Key Accomplishments ✓ Planned and coordinated the release schedules of Prime’s compilers. ✓ Coordinated performance measurement of PRIMOS releases. ✓ Developed the Engineering Project Status Report — used for several years to communicate the status of engineering projects. ✓ Defined guidelines for user-interface design. Initiated the redesign of the PRIMOS command-line interface. ✓ Designed system security interfaces including an original Access Control List mechanism.

Prime developed and marketed mini computer systems (hardware and software). Management Began as a matrix-type program manager. Then became a first-level line manager of a 3-person User Interface Design group.

Honeywell ( Incoterm)



Manager Advanced Development Wellesley 1979 – 1980

Key Accomplishments ✓ Developed a Unix- based “C” cross compiler for real-time systems. This included the design and implementation of a state-of-the-art peep-hole optimizer. ✓ Designed and implemented a real-time exec for the Intel 8 0 88. ✓ Developed firmware for a virtual-memory terminal controller. ✓ Ported the Intel 8 0 88 operating system to the Honeywell Level-6 platform. ✓ Ported the RAND screen editor from UNIX to the Honeywell Level-6 operating system.

Incoterm made intelligent terminals and networks for the banking and airlines industries. Management Inherited a department of 25 people with no managers. Structured the group and promoted four incumbents as section managers. Sections: ❑ Compilers ❑ Operating System ❑ Firmware ❑ Tools


Prime Computer


Key Accomplishments ✓ System Testing of new CPUs & networks

Director Software Quality Testing

Framingham 1980 – 1984

✓ Designed and executed automated functional and system tests. Found 97% of defects pre-release: Office Automation: 1,800 COBOL: 700 Data Management: 400 PRIMENET: 100 ✓ Developed several quality tools: Automated Test Driver In Circuit Emulator (ICE) Advanced defect/quality tracker EMACs editor (revenue > $1M) **Great Story ** ✓ Established Fagan inspections ✓ Created a (Fast Fix and Fly) software maintenance group that: ➢ Fixed bugs 25% faster

Prime developed and marketed mini-computer systems (hardware and software). Began with a group of 6 and grew the group to 76 in 18 months. Hired, promoted, or transferred all 1 st & 2 nd level managers – several from Prime UK.

Created the following departments: ❑ Application Testing ❑ System Testing ❑ Test Tool Development ❑ Performance Modeling and Evaluation ❑ Software Maintenance ❑ Technical Training

➢ Customer satisfaction UP 15% ➢ Shorter fix release cycle time

✓ Capacity planning tool helped obtain a 2 $M sale ✓ Disk controller performance model saved $100K




Key Accomplishments ✓ Performed product and system testing. Found more than 1,000 defects and improved software testing effectiveness by 500%. ✓ Restructured Atex’s software maintenance contracts. Redefined the warranty and payment sections. Met with customers throughout the US to explain why paying for software maintenance was good for them. ✓ Reduced fix cycle time by 300% – while reducing staff by 50%. ✓ Re-engineered software integration — with 250% higher productivity. ✓ Provided home-office support to all Atex field service engineers. ✓ Enhancements to the Atex file system with a 30% improvement in system performance – and a 6% increase in revenue. ✓ Created capacity planning tools. Performed capacity planning studies at several customer sites — which resulted in new sales

Director of Systems Product Engineering Bedford 1984 – 1987 Atex (a Kodak subsidiary) developed computer systems for newspapers and magazines.


Inherited a group of 25 people. Grew this group to 48 people in 9 months. SPE consisted of the following departments:

❑ Application Test

❑ System Test

❑ Software Integration

❑ Computer Performance Evaluation

❑ Software Support and Maintenance

C C A (a) Computer Corp. of America



VP Customer Service Cambridge 1987 – 1988 CCA developed high-performance database products for IBM mainframe systems.


Inherited a 40-person organization. This grew to 65 people when the Software Test group was assigned to Customer Service.

Its Departments were:

❑ Level 1 Support

❑ Level 2 Support

❑ Special Customer Support

❑ User Training and Course Development

❑ User Documentation

❑ Software Testing

C C A (b) Computer Corp. of America



Key Accomplishments Restructured entire support process: ✓ Increased customer satisfaction and support productivity ✓ Eliminated Level 1 support group

Special Accomplishment

Restructured support pricing: ✓ Raised software maintenance fees from 12% to 16% per year (with no lost customers) ✓ Personally obtained endorsement from the CCA User Group ✓ Increased net profit $800,000 in 1988 and $2,700,000 in 1989

✓ Created special support group ✓ Enabled support staff to fix bugs

✓ Integrated QA/testing, documentation and customer training into the support process ✓ Installed an on-line, problem status system for customers – and a tool for installing fixes. ✓ Delivered 288 classes to 3,000+ customers – $1.7M in education revenue ($100K over plan) ✓ Developed four, new, user manuals and 20 updates – $200K in revenues

Quality Fractals



Key Accomplishments Publisher, Editor of Software Quality World newsletter – dedicated to software quality practitioners. Achieved:  2,000+ paid subscribers at 1,500+ sites in 20 countries  Wrote articles, interviews and conference reviews Retained Search : Placed software quality experts in executive positions. Consulting and Quality / Testing Capability Assessments : ❑ IT testing capability of a major financial organization ❑ Two leading networking systems vendors In each case made 100+ prioritized recommendations. John Deere : Implemented a Software metrics and TQM program for their IT department TRW : Defined software testing and automation strategies. ComShare : Evaluated and then Optimized their Customer Service process. As a result, they won the Adapso Service Award .

Founder and Principal Medfield 1988 – 1994

Gained firsthand experience in general management, marketing, and direct sales. Software Quality World gave me the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with the world’s leading software quality experts. Trained as a Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award examiner. Studied the SEI CMM and other software quality assessment models. Had a unique opportunity to study, think, and develop breakthrough ideas and methodologies for quality, business re engineering, software measurement, software testing, and capability assessment.

Fidelity Investments



VP Enterprise-Wide Testing Boston 1994 – 1997

Key Accomplishments ✓ Built and operated three full-production-like, multi platform, client/server, system test environments . Controlled end-to-end testing of major applications on these production test environments ✓ Reengineered Fidelity’s test life cycle process using Rumler-Brache process mapping ✓ Taught my Optimum Software Testing classes to test projects throughout Fidelity ✓ Enhanced defect tracking throughout Fidelity by deploying and supporting SQA Manager to more than 2,000 IT users ✓ Deployed McCabe’s metrics tools to several pilot projects ✓ Founded the Fidelity Enterprise Test Process Team that brought together all Fidelity’s software test leaders ✓ Responsible for the testing processes that enabled 4 projects to be CMM Level 3 certified .

Fidelity is a multi-billion-dollar financial services company.

I had two roles:

A matrix role to improve test capability across all Fidelity business units. A line management role of a group that supported these 15+ test groups. Started with a group of 3 people and grew it to 55 people in 18 months – with a total budget of $50M. More than half of the growth in staff was accomplished by attracting transfers from other Fidelity business units.


Independent Consultant (a)


New York Stock Exchange Software Test Assessments for three SIAC software development departments and the NYSE systems test group. Recommendations were presented to and approved by senior management. Led a special project to evaluate SIAC’s system test environment, process and staffing. Final report presented and approved by senior management. Planned and coordinated activities of 4 test groups (SIAC and NYSE) for a large, time-critical, and successful project. American Stock Exchange Developed and presented custom software quality and testing classes. BrassRing (On-line employment company) Created an architecture for automated testing of their business objects reports. Created Test Design Trees for their Web pages and middleware APIs.

QA/Test Consultant 1997 – 2007

I consulted with companies that ranged from very large (HP) to small start ups. They were of many different types: IT shops, software companies, and hardware manufacturers. My services to all these companies included a wide range of activities:

➢ Software Quality & Test Assessments

➢ Test Design

➢ Automated Test Development / Execution

➢ Project Management

➢ Training

➢ Staffing Recommendations

➢ Retained Search


Independent Consultant (b)


M.I.T. Project Test Assessment

Kronos Test Design & Automation Lead test engineer and project manager for a seven-month, 5-person, test

After I completed the assessment and it was

approved, the M.I.T. Project Director then asked me to do the project’s Test Design Tree . HP (Compac / Digital) Quality Assessments Intelligent router company Three software divisions: 1. Natural language parser for search engines 2. Payroll applications 3. Tax applications

automation project for a large manufacturing GUI application.

I created its 5-Time Planning Model , the Test Design Tree , the test automation architecture, and 65% of the SilkTest code. Project Results: ✓ Delivered 100% of the project goals ✓ Completed exactly On Time ✓ Delivered 125% of planned test cases ✓ Finished 25% under budget .



Bill Silver


Thanks for your Interest

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